Saturday, August 22, 2015

Roaches and Half Pass

A few weeks ago, the mares moved to a bigger, grassier, woodsier pasture.  After the first week, I found an enormous tick in Dee's forelock, which made a weepy gross mess in her forelock.  No biggie, I picked it out.  By my next visit, those crusty, weepy spots were ALL up in the rest of her mane.  I spent awhile trying to pick the crust out, but eventually just gave up, grabbed a pair of clippers, and roached her mane.  It will grow back, and she really enjoyed the currying I gave her mane afterwards.  I then applied equip-spot and we haven't had issues since.  I actually think she looks cute with it short.

In other, much more exciting news, Dee did her first few steps of half-pass today!  Very proud of my girl, mostly because she's become so rideable in the last year.

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